Bi-folding door blinds

All our bi-fold door blinds are made to measure and
powered by a Somfy motor.

Bi-folding doors can be a beautiful asset in your home. However, with such a wide open view, it can often feel like you are compromising on your privacy. That’s where Powered Blinds automated solutions come in.

With just the click of a button, you can enjoy a panoramic view of your outdoor space or close your blinds to create a private, ambient atmosphere. Our clever designs, range of fabrics and control options means you are sure to find the perfect bi-fold door blinds for your space.

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Cord free


Electric bi-fold door blinds are a fantastic alternative to traditional manual designs. The lack of pull cord not only eliminates any tripping or entanglement hazards but also leaves your view completely uninterrupted. This also means that when the bi-fold doors are opened, there is nothing between you and your outdoor space.

Easy to install


As with all our designs, your bi-fold door blinds are easy to install. Whether you choose to power your electric blinds with a battery pack, solar panels or via a mains adapter, it’s as quick and simple as fitting a manual blind to your bi-fold doors, with no rewiring required. This means you can enjoy all the comfort of a connected home without any disruption to your décor.

Flexible configuration


We can manufacture our bi-fold door blinds to meet your exact specifications. Whether you want an individual blind for each bi-fold door or one blind that spans across two or three door panels, we will design and configure the perfect solution for your home. If you require non-standard designs, simply fill in our contact form below and we will be in touch to discuss your blinds.

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Please enter the measurements for your panes in centimetres. Make sure you measure into the wall recess on the outside panes and to the centre point of each vertical pane section. The combined total of each pane width should equal the overall width of your bi-fold door area. You only need to take one measurement for the height of your bi-folding doors.



Please enter the number of blinds you required. Blinds are not limited to one per door panel. If you wish, you can have more than one panel covered by a single automated blind. Contact us for details.



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Wide choice of fabrics

Our wide choice of fabrics and materials means you are guaranteed to find a blind that blends beautifully into your home. Powered Blinds offer both dim out and black out designs in a variety of different coloured finishes.


Filtered Light

Dim out blinds

Dim out fabrics allow a certain level of natural light to stream into your home, creating instant ambient lighting while also reducing glare on screens. They are available in a selection of patterns and shades to complement any interior.

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Perfect darkness

Black out

Black out blinds are the most effective solution for blocking out intrusive light, creating a peaceful darkness in your home. However, black out blinds are not limited to dark fabrics. Your black out blinds can be any colour, including cream or white, to match your interior.

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Customer favourite

Featured colour

For a calm and relaxing interior, choose from our wide selection of cream and neutral blinds. Our range of understated fabrics and shades means you are sure to find the perfect blind to complement your home.

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All our products are proudly powered by Somfy, the world leader in producing reliable motors and control systems for the home.