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    Help & advice

    We hope our Help & Advice section will give you all the information you need to help you buy your motorised blinds.

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    Why motorised blinds?

    Remote controlled blinds are much more than an affordable luxury; they can really enhance your life.

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    Measuring up

    Our guide shows you how to measure up accurately to ensure your blinds fit perfectly into place.

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    How to install

    Our motorised blinds are as easy to install as normal roller blinds, so you can fit them yourself.

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Choose your controls

Choose your controls

Once you have chosen your blind configuration and power supply, you’ll need to select the control that best suits you. We stock a range of different control options, allowing you to manage multiple automated solutions from one control or enjoy automatic operation of your blinds using a timer or sensor.

You can choose a single method of control or include multiple options in your home.



Handsets are the easiest way to manage a single or multiple automated blinds. Our range of different remote controls are designed to make operating your blinds quick and simple. Varying from one to 16 channels, they allow you to seamlessly control you home’s light levels with minimal effort. They also include a ‘my’ position button, which lets you instantly recall your preferred programmed blind position with just the click of a button.

  • Operate up to 16 automated blinds from one device
  • ‘my’ button instantly recalls your favourite blind position
  • Battery powered for wireless control

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Wall Switches

Wall Switches

Our wall switches can be affixed to your wall with ease and offers you the benefit of a permanent location for your blind control, meaning it can never be misplaced. The wall switches are battery powered and require no wiring or disruption to your décor. They also include a ‘my’ position button, which allows you to instantly recall your preferred programmed blind position with just the click of a button.

  • Easy to fit to your wall with no wiring required
  • ‘my’ button instantly recalls your favourite blind position
  • A choice of colours and frames to match your décor

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Timers control your blind operation without requiring any manual input from remotes or wall switches. Simply programme the times in which you want your blinds to open or close. Your timer system will then take all the work out of your hands, automatically opening your blinds to wake you up in the morning or closing them before you leave for work, ensuring that you never forget again.

  • Easy control of your blinds with automatic and manual settings
  • LCD screen with timer display makes programming simple
  • Security function simulates presence when the house is unoccupied

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The sun sensor lets you control your home’s lighting levels with none of the fuss. The sensor monitors the level of sunlight in your room, with your blinds automatically lowering when harsh sunlight is detected. This means your home is kept comfortably cool, your interior is protected from UV damage and your energy bills can potentially be reduced, all without you needing to move a finger.

  • Complete automatic control with no manual input
  • Operates an individual or group of blinds
  • Keeps your home comfortably cool and protects from UV damage

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