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    Help & advice

    We hope our Help & Advice section will give you all the information you need to help you buy your motorised blinds.

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    Why motorised blinds?

    Remote controlled blinds are much more than an affordable luxury; they can really enhance your life.

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    Measuring up

    Our guide shows you how to measure up accurately to ensure your blinds fit perfectly into place.

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    How to install

    Our motorised blinds are as easy to install as normal roller blinds, so you can fit them yourself.

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Remote Switching

Remote Switching
Your in control!
Remotely operate your motorised blinds and smart lights directly from your phone

Control at Your Fingertips

It’s getting dark outside and you’re going to be stuck at the office longer than expected…

Don’t worry!

With The Somfy TaHoma or Connexoon smart home hubs, you can remotely operate your window coverings and smart lighting, from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

The smart home hub would connect directly to your home’s internet router via an Ethernet cable. Your device would need a WiFi connection and you’re good to go, no matter where you are.  Just send the command from your phone and the hub will pick this up and ping the the signal to your smart product.

This means on cold evenings, you can create your perfect ambience and have your home ready to welcome you as you pull into the drive. Or you can randomly switch lights on and lower the blinds to deter any unwanted visitors.

You can also make your standard appliances smart by plugging them into a Somfy plug in receiver RTS. This acts as a bridge between your appliance and the hub giving you even more remote control at your fingertips…

Somfy Connexoon

The Somfy Connexoon hub enables you to centralise, control and program your connected devices like interior blinds and lighting.

Connect your Connexoon RTS to your internet router and download the Connexoon Window App on your smartphone for easy control of your connected products at home or away.

The Connexoon is compatible with your Somfy powered blinds, Philips Hue lighting, Google Assistant, IFTTT and the Somfy Plug in receiver.

It also offers 4 ready to use pre-defined scenarios. ‘Back Home’, ‘Leave Home’, ‘Sun Protection’ and ‘Privacy’, making getting started even easier. And you can add your own scenarios to make it personal.

Somfy TaHoma switch

The Somfy TaHoma switch control hub allows you to control up to 200 devices and offers an easy to program, intuitive interface.

With an extended offering of compatible products like Amazon Alexa, Philips Hue, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Sonos, Nest and more, it offers a broader home automation experience – putting the TaHoma hub firmly at the heart of your home.

Simply connect the TaHoma switch to your home WiFi network and download the TaHoma app to your smartphone, for fingertip control wherever you are.

It allows you to control multiple smart devices at once with scenario settings and you can tailor your TaHoma diary programming to suit your lifestyle.

The TaHoma switch allows you to stay on top of things, when you’re home or away.