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    Help & advice

    We hope our Help & Advice section will give you all the information you need to help you buy your motorised blinds.

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    Why motorised blinds?

    Remote controlled blinds are much more than an affordable luxury; they can really enhance your life.

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    Measuring up

    Our guide shows you how to measure up accurately to ensure your blinds fit perfectly into place.

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    How to install

    Our motorised blinds are as easy to install as normal roller blinds, so you can fit them yourself.

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Keep intruders away!
You've worked hard for your home, it's your safe haven, so of course you would want to protect it!

Secure your home

With domestic burglary rates rising, it more important than ever to protect your home from unwanted intruders. A smart home system makes this much easier.

As well as offering scenario and timer functions, the TaHoma switch offers compatibility with a whole host of mainstream smart home products offering even more of a deterrent. All of which can also be operated remotely for even more peace of mind.

The primary indicator of an occupied home are the lights. Simulate presence by setting the lights to come on and blinds to go down. Even better – set this up to activate randomly, giving the impression someone is home and making their way through the house.

Light and blinds are one thing, but with a wide variety of compatible smart home and home security products available for the Somfy TaHoma, you can build your defenses against the opportunists.

Philips Hue

By combining the easy-to-install TaHoma switch and Philips Hue you can control the lighting in your home from your smartphone with just the touch of a button. Philips Hue is also the only lighting system that’s compatible with every voice assistant too so you can also control it just by talking.

The real beauty of this technology though is that it’s quick and simple to combine with other smart home features such as your powered blinds.

A brightly lit up home deters would-be intruders. You can set the lights to turn on at sunset, or even give the impression that you are home with lights switching on randomly when you’re out.

Don’t have Philips Hue? That’s ok. You can still automate your floor and table lamps by using the Somfy plug in receiver to make them smart.

Somfy TaHoma

The Somfy TaHoma switch hub offers control of up to 100 devices with an easy to program, intuitive interface.

With a vast range of compatible products like Amazon Alexa, Philips Hue, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Sonos, Nest and more, it offers a broader home automation experience – putting the TaHoma hub firmly at the heart of your home.

Simply connect the TaHoma switch to your home WiFi network and download the TaHoma app to your smartphone, for fingertip control wherever you are.

TaHoma allows you to stay on top of things, when you’re home or away.